10 Best Post-Credit Scenes In Horror Movies

9. Slither

Urban Legends: Final Cut
Universal Pictures

James Gunn's funny, silly directorial debut takes a borderline childish glee in the grisly mayhem caused by an alien invading a small South Carolina town,

It's grossness galore as much of the townsfolk become connected to the tentacled monstrosity to form a zombified hive mind. Nathan Fillion's Police Chief Bill Pardy leads the painfully few survivors of the onslaught in a daring mission to put a stop to the alien's madness before it spreads across the country.

The post-credits scene here could almost be seen as a teaser for a sequel that never happened. Despite its solid cult following these days, Slither was a box office flop at the time. Had its financial fortunes been different though, we may well have gotten a Slither 2 with a giant, alien-possessed cat. As the surviving characters leave town, a house cat approaches the alien's remains and, rather than being revolted by the twitching gelatinous mass before it, begins to munch on it. As the scene cuts to black, we hear what sounds like the alien infecting the greedy house pet.

While it's not a revolutionary post-credits scene by any stretch, it's a fun little epilogue that perfectly suits the dark yet playful tone of the film.


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