10 Best Pre-Credit Sequences In James Bond Movies

007 starts things off with a bang!

Spectre Day Of The Dead

The pre credit sequence has become a staple of the James Bond films, often producing the best scenes of the movie. While the first time that a pre credit sequence appeared in movies was the 1930's, it was the 007 franchise that really made the pre credit sequence its own.

James Bond films has wavered significantly in quality throughout its tenure, in particular through the lean periods of the 70's and 80's. There hasn't been the same drop in quality however for the pre credit scenes for agent 007, with new and innovative ideas and action scenes being brought to life for each sequence.

Self contained or intrinsically linked to the plot, the pre credit sequences on this list have been great escapist fun all on its own. They have not only set the tone for what's to come, but have also been a great adventure worthy of the price of admission itself. Be it exciting boat chases down the River thames, fake out deaths, flight by jetpack, or even being captured, our favourite British spy has encountered a great deal before the title song croons in our ears.

So make sure you get in before the previews and ads because you don't want to miss the start of this list.

10. From Russia With Love

Spectre Day Of The Dead

The first ever pre credit sequence for the 007 franchise and it appeared to deliver one hell of a shock, for it appeared that the British agent was assassinated by SPECTRE. The scene begins with a man who is seemingly James Bond involved in a cat and mouse battle with a mysterious SPECTRE operative, the eerily calm Donald Grant, played with low key perfection by Robert Shaw.

As the tension builds with a more nervous than usual 'Bond' firing his weapon in the direction of the pursuing villain, the unthinkable happens- our favourite British spy is executed. It's an extremely violent death too, a wire strangling him to an unexpected demise at the hands of Grant.

Before the shock of what we have just seen is able to be registered, a series of spotlights flood the screen and it is revealed that the man who has been killed was actually a nobody in a Bond mask and was being used for live practice. While a little Scooby-Doo like, the sequence works thanks to its setup for the epic train sequence in the film's second act where Bond's death by wire nearly becomes a reality.


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