10 Best Pre-Credit Sequences In James Bond Movies

9. Thunderball

Spectre Day Of The Dead

It was always going to be tough to execute an opening that would match the insane brilliance of Goldfinger(see later in the list) but this pre credit sequence comes mighty close. Terence Young returned to the Director's chair after guiding the first two films in the franchise, and ensured that the stunts and action were firing from the start.

The film begins at a funeral before Bond pays a visit to the not so grieving widow, before he punches 'her' in the face! After a brief moment of shocked hilarity, we soon realise that the widow is actually a SPECTRE agent in disguise for whose funeral had just been staged. The fight scene between 007 and the SPECTRE agent is decent enough, with Bond getting an injury from the exchange that sets up the film's first act.

The 'money scene' comes after the fight, with Bond vanquishing the villain before putting on a jet pack, helmet and all. Seeing the British spy fly up into the heavens with no CGI to be found was all the more amazing for the fact it was shot in 1965! Top that Mr Cruise!


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