10 Best Ryan Reynolds Performances

The best performances from the Canadian megastar.

Ryan Reynolds Buried

Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood's most in-demand stars, having consistently released hit after hit in a wide range of genres since the early 00s. Often regarded as more of a comedic actor, it's refreshing to see just how many excellent, genre-bending movies he's starred in, from weird horror-comedies, family dramas and claustrophobic thrillers.

Reynolds is always an actor who brings his A-game. Always bursting with energy, alert, hyper and the definition of a scene-stealer, it's no wonder he's gained as much popularity as he has over his career - popularity, it should be said, that seems to be growing more and more every year.

With that in mind, the following list will take a look at the actor's best on-screen roles, from the iconic comedies, the striking dramas and the daring thrillers. Reynolds has had a staggering career, and all of the following entries show an actor who is a lot more than meets the eye, able to make you laugh, cry and think, and always be surprised and entertained.

Here are Ryan Reynolds' 10 best performances.

10. Michael Taylor - Fireflies In The Garden (2008)

Ryan Reynolds Buried
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Fireflies in the Garden is one of Reynolds' more forgotten pictures, a powerful if melodramatic tragedy about loss, grief and family. Reynolds stars as Michael Taylor, a successful author who returns home after a long absence, only to learn that his mother (Julia Roberts) has died in a car accident.

Forced to confront his grief head-on, Michael must reconnect with his dominating and cruel father, Charles (Willem Dafoe). Michael's return to his old home and reconnection with his extended family opens up a series of old wounds, and threatens to push him away from his family more than ever before.

The film itself has moments of greatness, particularly in regards to the father-son story that drives it forward, but sometimes slips too far into over-the-top, forced drama with clunky flashbacks. But amongst all its issues, there is Reynolds, whose portrayal of Michael is as striking as it is dripping with palpable grief and emotional pain. He's at once charming, witty, intelligent and beaten down, his past threatening to eat him up with every scene.


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