10 Best Scary Movies For People Who Hate Horror

It doesn't all have to be blood, guts and jump scares...

30 Days Of Night
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We've all been in a place where we have the urge to be brave and watch those movies that get the adrenaline going with a good old fashioned scare, but not all of us yearn to find these from the same sources.

Some like traditional torture porn blood and gore, others like to be jump-scared out of their seat, but what about everyone else? What about those of us who crave to have a genuine, narrative-based experience with terror seamlessly interwoven into the action perhaps with a little more subtlety?

Those of us, in short, who mostly just don't like horror movies? Because we deserve to be scared too...

10. Insomnia (2002)

30 Days Of Night
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Insomnia tells the story of Detective Will Dormer (Pacino) who finds himself embroiled in deadly mind-games in his quest to solve the vile murder of a young girl. Dormer is slowly dragged into deeper and deeper depths of psychological torment, in a battle largely dictated by his foe, played by Robin Williams.

The wealth of acting prowess in this movie is remarkable. Fans from all walks of cinema have something to latch onto. Building from a foundation of a strong narrative, the storytelling in this movie means you wont have to look far for something to sink your teeth into as an audience member. The battle of will versus the battle for self preservation, the art of using incredibly powerful dialogue, this movie is a juggernaut.

In a chilling and visceral performance, Robin Williams delivers a character that arouses the perfect storm of intrigue and unease. With an almost deadpan demeanour, Williams is able to artfully balance the sadistic nature of his character whilst offering a subtle aura of vulnerability. It is his calculated approach to his interaction with others that plays with the mindset of the viewer, rarely exposing his true capacity for evil yet always showcasing his unnerving desire for control.

Seeing such a transcendent comedic actor portray a villainous, genuinely frightening psychopath will leave you reaching for a cushion to hide behind as you begin to question whether you are truly in control of your decisions, your destiny, or whether you are part of someone else elaborate game. A true masterpiece of storytelling, this is sure to get your imagination running wild...


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