10 Best Sci-Fi Comedy Movies You Need To Watch

9. Back To The Future 2

Galaxy Quest Sigourney Weaver
Universal Pictures

What it lacks in freshness, the second Marty McFly adventure makes up for with inventive jokes, wild performances, and a surprising amount of darkness. The increasingly inaccurately named Back To The Future series takes a leap forward to the unimaginable world of 2015, where hoverboards are plentiful and sneakers tie themselves.

The sequel’s plot is almost as well known as the original’s, with series antagonist Biff Tannen using time travel to beat the bookies and turn 1985 into a hellscape. Thomas F. Wilson is superb in a dual role as Biff and his grandson Griff, the latter being a demented, kinetic livewire of a character who provides many of the film’s best laughs.

It’s nowhere near as tight or propulsive as the original (though very few movies are), but it’s packed with fun and set in one of the great cinematic futures (several of the film’s predictions have since come true).

There are few franchises as charming as Back To The Future, and if the sequel isn’t exactly an essential film, it’s a roaring success all the same.


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