10 Best Sci-Fi Films People Who Hate Sci-Fi Should Watch

Science fiction isn't all just Star Wars and Star Trek...

Colossal Anne Hathaway

Science fiction has seen a significant boom in recent years with hits like Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Dennis Villeneuve's Arrival, but not everyone is on board.

When some people's best introduction to the genre is B-list made for TV movies like Sharknado, it's hard to blame them. On the other end, some believe the genre is just too convoluted.

Whether a story lacks any regard for physics or grounds itself in real science, science fiction can lend itself to a variety of different tales. Do you love comedy? There's a film where Alan Rickman plays an overly depressed robot. Do you like melodrama? Watch Aubrey Plaza in a charmingly sad story about time travel.

Whatever it is that you like, science fiction often finds a unique way to explore it.

10. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

Colossal Anne Hathaway
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One of the best places to begin a science fiction story is another planet, which is convenient because, in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Earth gets destroyed within the first fifteen minutes.

This film may appeal to those that avoid the genre because it has fun with the laws of science. It doesn't get bogged down in exposition, and throws the rule book out entirely.

Most science fiction relies on some grasp of logic or at least an extension of our earthly principles. Hitchhiker's sci-fi borrows from fantasy in that things happen with just as much explanation as magic. Not fluent in one, let alone multiple alien languages? No problem! Just stick the Babel Fish inside your ear. It'll eat the sound waves, defecating those sounds in a language you understand. What's the answer to the great question? 42. Why that specific number? Because a giant computer said so.

A lot of science fiction is hard to get into because of its deep scientific entanglements. It can alienate those who lack the desire to read about the complexities of such things as space and time travel. However, stories like this show the genre lends itself well to humor and love just as easily.

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