10 Best Sci-Fi Films People Who Hate Sci-Fi Should Watch

9. The Fifth Element

Colossal Anne Hathaway
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The future is absurd. Most depictions of the future tend to be a mixture of bright and dark colors while somehow being dystopian and culturally advanced at the same time.

The Fifth Element is no different. There are aliens, strange monstrous beings from beyond space, crazy weapons, a plot to destroy the planet, and a screaming Chris Tucker. (So everything the future deserves, basically.)

Bruce Willis leads a talented cast on a wild ride through space to save the world from a mysterious dark presence. Every aspect of this movie is over the top, from the story, characters, and costumes. And thanks to Milla Jovovich's Leeloo, Halloween has another Iconic outfit.

The movie never takes itself too seriously, and that's what makes it so accessible to viewers. Whether you're looking for action galore, alien opera, or an appearance by the late Luke Perry, this movie has everything.

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