10 Best Serial Killers In Movies

The serial killers that are just to die for!

Mickey Knox Natural Born Killers
Warner Bros.

Serial killers in movies have always been a cool thing for people to look at. Whether it be a madman going nuts with a chainsaw, or the cool, calm and calculated monster that stalks their prey and then strikes with military-like precision, the serial killer has always fascinated audiences.

Some serial killers have been immortalised in countless stories, like Charles Manson, while other creations have lived on as weird Frankenstein's monster-like amalgamations of the worst people alive.

Films have often covered serial killers as a subject and each take is as engrossing as the last, with actors bringing their own subtleties and nuances to the characters and each one adding a new depth the phrase "Scary as hell".

They often make for some of the best movies as well, with a number of films profiting off the serial killer hype while seemingly creating immersive and alluring stories.

10. Ghostface - Scream Films

Mickey Knox Natural Born Killers
Dimension Films

Ghostface is technically more than one person, but his/her presence in the life of Sidney Prescott has meant nothing but misery for both her and her classmates.

The first Scream film showed audiences the horrors of not knowing your horror trivia, as the killer quizzed a schoolgirl on the phone, promising to kill her boyfriend should she get any questions wrong.

A year after that, the killer strikes again, targetting the femme fatale of the series, Sidney Prescott. A year after her mother's murder, the young high-schooler is targetted by the demented madman who wants nothing more than to kill her.

Ghostface has appeared in all four Scream films, with different characters taking on the role at different times, either to exact their revenge on Sidney or to try and get their fifteen minutes of fame as well.

Those who take on the weighty Ghostface role usually tend to be somewhat clumsy, a bit of a loose cannon when it comes to following their own plans and crucially of all, patient. The more patient they are, the more they fill a sense of dread in the audience.

While Sidney has so far managed to successfully evade her own death at Ghostface's hand several times, the Halloween costume-donned killer has still been prolific in its murderous body count.

Maybe that's the reason why Woodsboro, California isn't recommended on TripAdvisor anymore.


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