10 Best Slow-Burning Psychological Horror Movies

9. It Comes At Night

The Lodge

Abandon all hope ye who watch this.

In It Comes at Night, a family of three have been surviving off the grid during a deadly viral pandemic. One day a stranger wanders onto their land, and, after a heated confrontation, he and his family are welcomed with mostly open arms. Yet, as time progresses tension between the two families grows until it all eventually comes crashing down.

Movies about the horrors of humanity are plentiful, almost to the point where the whole theme feels redundant. However, what separates It Comes at Night from all the rest is its unapologetically nihilistic outlook. The tension continually builds, never letting a moment go to waste in setting its pessimistic tone. As you wish more than anything for even a crumb of hope, you'll slowly come to accept that there will not be a happily ever after.

The final few shots of the film, while deeply painful to watch, work as a reminder than if we as a society don't find a way to work together then all we can expect out of our future is doom. Equal parts thought provoking and terrifying, It Comes at Night is a slow burn for the ages.


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