10 Best Spaghetti Westerns You Must See Before You Die

9. Django (1966)

Django 1966
Euro International Film

Nope, not Django Unchained - Django, the 1966 original.

Directed by Sergio Corbucci, the film centres around a former Union army soldier as he drifts across the south, carrying a coffin. We won't spoil what's actually in the coffin (and, as a word of warning, you should avoid all trailers for the film), but the pay-off is fantastic, and Franco Nero's eponymous protagonist is very much in the Leone mould.

Much of the action revolves around the titular character as he fends off a group of Ku Klux Klanners and Mexican Revolutionaries fighting each other across the Mexican border. Much like Leone's A Fistful Of Dollars, Django is heavily inspired by the classic Kurosawa flick, Yojimbo, and while it doesn't reach the heights of the Dollars Trilogy's original entry, it's still a fine Western and one that's rightly garnered cult status in recent years.

Plus, if you have seen Django Unchained, it's a neat little film to go back and watch. Nero even had a cameo in the film, and now a sequel to the original is in the works. Get on it if you haven't already.

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