10 Best Spider-Man Villains We've Yet To See In Movies

These iconic Spider-Man villains need to appear on the big screen.

Spider Man Hobgoblin
Marvel Comics

As fun to watch as two hours of Spider-Man swinging around New York eating hot dogs would be, you can't have a good superhero flick without a good villain or two, and while there are plenty of iconic Spider-Man villains who have graced the big screen, many more Marvel antagonists are still waiting on a live-action adaptation.

Thankfully, when it comes to adversaries, the Spider-Man comic books are practically overflowing.

We've seen the likes of the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, and the Kingpin appear in Marvel movies, to name but a few. However, plenty more villains are waiting in the wings to make the leap to the silver screen.

This list only contains villains who have been regular opponents of Spider-Man, rather than one-offs. Some may have featured in small background roles, but unless they took on their villainous persona from the comics, then they're still fair game.

Here are the biggest Spider-Man villains yet to appear in movies.

10. Jack O’Lantern

Spider Man Hobgoblin

Because the wall-crawler has been around for a long old time, some of the villains in his rogue's gallery are a little on the silly side.

Introducing - the man with a pumpkin for a head!

Jack O'Lantern first appeared in a Machine Man comic back in 1981. His alter ego was Jason Macendale, a CIA-trained mercenary who would eventually take over as the Hobgoblin.

The second Jack O'Lantern, Steven Mark Levins, was also a Captain America villain alongside fighting Spidey. Various other people have also carried the mantle, as well as its offshoot Mad Jack.

Jack's presentation is pretty similar to that of Green Goblin's, in that he rides around on a glider and uses specially designed weapons to inflict damage on his enemies.

Seeing as how both Norman and Harry Osborn have had their time on the big screen, maybe a new spooky-themed villain should take the stage? The character has appeared in a few TV shows and video games over the years, but never in a theatrical movie. Sure, he's a bit on the zany side, but it's not like Marvel haven't taken a previously-cheesy character and brought them up to speed before.


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