10 Best Spider-Man Villains We've Yet To See In Movies

9. Massacre

Spider Man Hobgoblin
Marvel Comics

From one villain who is very silly to another who is very much not.

Debuting in 2011, Massacre started off as a stockbroker by the name of Marcus Lyman. One day, he and his wife Judy were attacked by a vengeful client. The attacked killed Judy and left Marcus with a piece of shrapnel stuck in his brain.

Oh, and it also turned him homicidal.

With his ability to feel emotions severed, the newly-dubbed Massacre went on a killing spree.

Armed with just his brilliant mind and a whole heap of weapons, the villain more than lived up to his name, causing the death of Spidey associate Ashley Kafka.

In the end, Spider-Man is forced to end Massacre's... massacre... by shooting him in the head. Yes, that is incredibly dark and yes, this would be an amazing story to bring to the movies.

Not only would our hero have to deal with the decision to kill Marcus, but the Massacre character could also open up a discussion on grief and the impact it has on a person's mental health.

It wouldn't be a light and fluffy Spider-Man film, but it would be engaging.


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