10 Best Steven Spielberg Films

Remember the days before Bridge of Spies? We do...

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Ask anyone who the most famous director in the world is and they’ll probably say Steven Spielberg. What’s more, ask any filmmaker why they make films and chances are they’ll mention Spielberg somewhere along the way.

As a director Spielberg has continually raised the bar in terms of what can be set to screen but also what audiences should expect from their blockbuster films. He has his trademark shots and themes but each and every film or franchise he creates is unique, entering the popular culture of the time as they hit the big screen.

Spielberg recently turned 70 and has directed some 40 films, but what are his best works?

SPOILER WARNING from here on in...

10. A.I Artificial Intelligence

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Spielberg teams up with Stanley Kubrick to make a generation spanning sci fi film about the nature of existence. What’s not to like?

In this futuristic fairy tale, "David", a highly-advanced robotic boy, hopes to become a real boy so that he can win back the affection of the human mother who abandoned him. His adventure takes him throughout the world of the future leading him to eventually become frozen in a second ice age only to be thawed out 2,000 years later. No really.

Very much a modern day Pinocchio film, A.I Artificial Intelligence has the wonderful ability to show the passage of time and not having the audience become bored. The fact that our lead character never ages is a clever way to ensure that all the horrible things he sees have extra weight because we’re seeing them through the eyes of a child.

The ending, while wacky when you say it out loud, is a perfect combo of Spielberg’s soft character building approach and Kubrick’s off the wall ‘how far can we take this story’ style. It really is a standout sci fi film.


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