10 Best Superhero Films Of The 2010s

The decade where the superhero reigned supreme!

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

It's been a rough decade. The climate is changing, animals are going extinct and blond nutcases are in charge of the free world. Escapism is more important than ever at this point and what better way to forget about the outside world for a few hours than by taking in a good movie.

The cinema industry has been huge this decade, and has been boosted by the presence of the superhero genre. They've had their time in the spotlight previously but never as much as in the 2010s. Ever since films like Iron Man and The Dark Knight there has been an explosion to try and replicate, if not out do, their success at the box office. Some of these attempts have failed miserably, but the following 10 have been undisputed hits with both fans and the box office.

From the depths of Marvel's library in their Cinematic Universe, to DC countless iconic heroes and some others that took us by surprise, these films have forever changed the landscape of the motion picture business, and for better or worse, the genre is probably going to stick around for long time.

The only stipulation here is they have to be based on or inspired by comic book heroes and villains. Also, it will be limited to one entry per series (otherwise a third of this list will consist of The Avengers). That said, let's look at the best the Caped Crusaders have to offer.

10. Black Panther (2018)

Wonder Woman
Marvel Studios

Black Panther has come under some criticism since it's release, and it's rightly deserved in some cases. Chief among them is that the CGI isn't convincing at times. But discounting that, there's no understating just how important this film was.

Never before has a superhero film on this scale featured a cast of entirely black actors (with Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis being the "Tolkien White Guys"). The African community hadn't had a superhero that they could look up to, and King T'Challa became that hero. Honourable and strong in his convictions of doing the right thing for his people, he is the role model that not only young black people, but all young people can aspire to.

The world created for the movie is stunning. Wakanda is presented as a technical utopia while still in keeping with it's heritage, and the film is choc-full of it with culture oozing out of every frame from the old to the new.

The best thing about the film though was the main antagonist, Killmonger, played masterfully by Michael B. Jordan. His goal throughout the film is revenge for the murder of his father by the former Black Panther and taking over the throne of Wakanda in hopes of liberating the world's black community by having them rise up against their oppressors. As strong in his convictions as T'Challa, it creates an interesting parallel between two people whose ideogies clash but in the end, want the best for their people.


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