10 Best Tom Hardy Performances (So Far)

The chameleon actor's best work...

Bronson Tom Hardy
Vertigo Entertainment

Tom Hardy has forged himself a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most talented and captivating actors through a string of memorable performances that have made him a household name in both film and television.

Hardy has already amassed an impressive filmography including some of the most celebrated movies of recent history and he is showing no signs of slowing down with highly anticipated movies such as ‘Capone’ set to be released in the near future.

Creating compelling characters and delivering powerhouse performances have become the norm for the British actor.

From blockbuster movies to lesser-known independent films, Hardy has proven his versatility in a multitude of roles...

10. Bane - The Dark Knight Rises

Bronson Tom Hardy
Warner Bros.

Tom Hardy first worked with Christopher Nolan on 2010’s Inception in what is widely considered to be Hardy’s breakout Hollywood role.

When he once again teamed up with Nolan for The Dark Knight Rises, he was now a recognisable name and was given a starring role as the key villain, Bane, opposite Christian Bale’s Batman.

In preparation for the role, Hardy gained thirty pounds of muscle to give himself an imposing physique, despite his relatively small 5’9” height. This did not hold him back at all as his monstrous presence filled the screen and offered a fearsome foe for the Dark Knight to overcome.

Hardy’s voice acting divided audiences but whether you liked it or not, he made you listen to every word he said, some of which were reportedly improvised on set.

The freedom Hardy was given in this role combined with his unique delivery and large physical stature made for a memorable performance.


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