10 Best Tom Hardy Performances (So Far)

9. John Fitzgerald - The Revenant

Bronson Tom Hardy
20th Century Fox

The Revenant is largely known for earning Leonardo DiCaprio his first 'Leading Actor' Oscar victory, but it also saw Tom Hardy receive his first Oscar nomination for his role as John Fitzgerald.

DiCaprio and Hardy play fellow frontiersmen in this epic tale of survival. Fitzgerald leaves DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass for dead after a bear attacks him. But when Glass miraculously survives the attack, he sets out to track down his former colleague and carry out his own form of revenge.

Hardy portrays Fitzgerald expertly as a cold and selfish man that is justified in his own mind for abandoning Glass, choosing to focus on his own survival over rescuing his fellow man.

The unemotional and callous nature of Hardy's performance played a huge part in getting the viewer invested in Hugh Glass' thirst for revenge.

The two opposing points of view of the lead characters culminate in a climatic battle at the end of the movie between two of Hollywood’s most talented actors.


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