10 Best X-Men Movies Fight Scenes

With a 20 year run and numerous epic battles, which X-Men fight scene is the greatest?

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Comic books are synonymous with their large and small-scale battles. We all remember looking at the beautifully illustrated splash pages that Marvel Comics often produced. This has been something that multiple studios have tried to recreate in the film medium, with varying levels of success.

Enter the X-Men.

Debuting in the year 2000, The X-Men were one of the pioneers of the superhero movie genre. Along with films like Spider-Man and Blade, it can be argued that these franchises were responsible for the current superhero boom we are in today. As well as crafting unique stories and characters, the X-Men franchise also generated some classic fight scenes.

With multiple directors taking the helm, each film has featured distinct fights, often staying true to each character and their fighting style. Each battle makes the most of each character’s individual powers as well as the unique locations of the series.

This combination makes each fight character based, through both the setting and the performance. From 1 on 1 bloody brawls to epic large-scale battles, the X-Men have participated in a wide variety of fantastic bouts.

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