10 Big Horror Movie Reveals You Can Spot Early (If You Really Look)

9. Ghost Stories - The Repeated Numbers 

Urban Legend

In 2017's Ghost Stories - a silver screen adaptation of the play of the same name - Andy Nyman plays Phillip Goodman, a professor and TV presenter who specialises in debunking supposed paranormal activity.

Goodman is encouraged by his childhood hero, 1970s spooky investigator Charles Cameron to delve deep into three particular cases. Upon doing so, the nuanced narrative of Ghost Stories ends with the reveal that none of these three cases are real and that Nyman's character is actually in a comatose state of locked-in syndrome.

The twist of the tale is that Phillip was part of a bunch of kids who played a prank on a disabled boy that led to his death. Luring the youngster to an underground tunnel, Goodman and his pals set a task for their target to find a set of numbers in this dark locale - only the final number of the pattern isn't there, which was meant to cause chuckles for those watching their victim struggle.

In reality, the victim panicked, had an asthma attack and died.

This was all teased without us even knowing, as the numerical pattern from this torment is featured at several points throughout the movie. Similarly, 3:45 is seen a multitude of times - with it later revealed that this was the time that Goodman ended up in what the medics are labelling a vegetative state.


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