10 Big-Name Actors Who Were Wasted In Major Blockbusters

9. Linda Hamilton in Terminator: Dark Fate

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For the third and likely final attempt at rebooting the once mighty Terminator franchise, director Tim Miller announced the return of Sarah Connor, one of the most beloved woman warriors in cinema, after over a decade of absence. Linda Hamilton hadn't appeared in a Terminator film since T2: Judgement Day in 1991, feeling her character's story was finished.

Series creator James Cameron persuaded her to return to the series and the actress was initially reluctant, saying she wouldn't want to do it as a quick cash grab. The film we got in 2019, Terminator: Dark Fate had some big shoes to fill and once again failed to make an impact.

The filmmakers made a big deal about bringing back Sarah Connor, but her performance was incredibly tired and fell short of older films. Outside of a motherly anguish that persisted through a good portion of the film, Hamilton's performance was ultimately a letdown. More to the point however, Linda Hamilton's muted acting spoke volumes of how tired and yawn-inducing the franchise had become.

They brought her back hoping to get the fans in the cinema, only to immediately strike down their enjoyment of the series with its abrupt opening. The less you know about that the


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