10 Big-Name Actors Who Were Wasted In Major Blockbusters

10. Julianne Moore In Kingsman: The Golden Circle


As a rather disappointing sequel to the stellar original, Kingsman: The Golden Circle packed a ton of silver screen talent into its cast. Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal were just a few of the popular names attached and we all got excited, believing this great cast would add to the film, expanding the world and possibly even putting the sequel a cut above the first. Unfortunately a solid portion of them were wasted on shallow roles, none more so than Julianne Moore.

The well-known actress has had some good experience in other comedies such as Crazy Stupid Love and The Kids are alright, making her a good fit for the franchise. What we got instead was a very weak and phoned in performance that did little to deliver the stakes of the narrative. It paled in comparison to Samuel L. Jackson from the first film and her character's one gimmick of being a fan of classical fifties diner's added little development.

Overall a very weak and unthreatening antagonist when compared to the original film, with very low personal stakes and development to boot. When you have an antagonist who mostly sits around not doing much, you've got a weak character.


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