10 Biggest Actor Paychecks In Movie History

1. Tom Cruise - Mission: Impossible Franchise (1996-2011): $290 Million

Tom Cruise is the only name to appear on this list twice, which is hardly surprising given that he has reigned supreme as one of the highest-earning names in Hollywood for almost 30 years. As both the star and producer of the Mission: Impossible franchise, the actor is entitled to a hefty slice of the profits that have seen him earn no less than $70m for each of the four movies. As the sole franchise of one of the biggest stars in the business, Cruise has been the main driving force behind Mission: Impossible ever since he optioned the rights 20 years ago, and with the four movies earning over $2bn at the box office the character of Ethan Hunt has proven to be quite the money-spinner. In fact, no character in movie history has ever earned more money for a single actor than the IMF agent has for Cruise, with his earnings from the franchise so far a mind-blowing $290m, a number that will likely increase by another $70m or so when Mission: Impossible 5 hits theaters next year.
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