10 Biggest Actor Paychecks In Movie History

2. Keanu Reeves - The Matrix Franchise (1999-2003): $262 Million

Despite often being criticized for his limitations as an actor, Keanu Reeves has still managed to carve out a hugely successful career as one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, his role as Neo in the Wachowski's sci-fi trilogy is the biggest earner of his four-decade long career, and by quite some distance. Being the nice guy that he is, the actor donated a huge portion of his earnings from the franchise to the costume and special effects departments, making them all millionaires in the process. For the groundbreaking first installment, Reeves was paid a $10m salary along with 10% of the gross, with the movie's $463.5m box office haul translating into a $56m payday. However, that fee pales in comparison to what he earned for the sequels. Shot back-to-back, the actor's improved contract saw his rate upped to $15m and 15% of the gross for each movie. With the two features combining for well over $1.1bn at the box office, Reeves is estimated to have made over $175m on top of his $30m salary, bringing his total earnings from the trilogy to a reputed $262m.

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