10 Biggest Actor Paychecks In Movie History

6. Will Smith - Men In Black 3 (2012): $100 Million

Although his star power has arguably waned over the last few years, Will Smith remains one of the biggest and most popular names in Hollywood. Between 2002 and 2008, the actor had eight consecutive movies open at the top of the domestic box office and earn over $100m, earning him the title 'King of Summer'. After a four year absence from the multiplex, Smith returned with the third entry in the Men in Black franchise that also landed him the biggest single payday of his incredibly lucrative career. Men in Black 3 suffered from a troubled production, plagued by constant rewrites and even a shutdown of filming that saw the budget swell to $215m. However, when the movie finally hit theaters it was a massive hit and grossed $624m at the box office, as well as a further $60m in domestic home video sales. On top of his usual $20m salary, Smith's contract also entitled him to a percentage of the theatrical and home video earnings, which is estimated to have netted the former Fresh Prince $100m.

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