10 Biggest Actor Paychecks In Movie History

3. Johnny Depp - Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise (2003-2011): $185 Million

After years spent earning a reputation as one of the finest actors of his generation, Johnny Depp finally shot to the top of the Hollywood A-list thanks to his instantly-iconic turn as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. While the quality of the movies have dropped significantly since the first installment, Depp's pay packet has only increased. Earning a basic salary of $10m for the first movie, the actor has gone on to earn significantly more from the sequels after securing a contract that entitles him to a share of the hefty box office profits. Depp himself has been quoted as saying that he is being paid 'stupid money' for working on the franchise, and it's hard to disagree. While rumors that he had netted $350m from his time as Captain Jack proved to be wide of the mark, the actor has earned an estimated $185m from the four entries in the Pirates series so far.

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