10 Biggest Behind The Scenes Star Wars Mistakes That Ever Happened

9. Binning Off Lord & Miller Mid-Way Through Production - Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars Last Jedi

Undoubtedly sitting as two of the hottest names in the business at the time of their revealing as the second Star Wars Story's directors back in 2015, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller looked to have the entire galaxy at their feet heading into their Solo spin-off adventure.

Yet, despite absolutely smashing it with the likes of 21 and 22 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball, those dreaded "creative differences" soon reared their head in the midst of shooting the Alden Ehrenreich-starring Han Solo prequel and it wasn't long before the terrific twosome were swapped out for the reliable Ron Howard.

So, instead of unleashing the sort of outrageous and compelling comedy tale the two had made a career out of in the years leading up to their Solo story, what was eventually delivered was a much more by-the-numbers slice of Star Wars that wasn't exactly terrible, by any means. But it still felt like a shell of the flick that was once promised.

Had Disney and Lucasfilm been brave enough to trust their original directors' improvisation-heavy approach, maybe there's a world where a successful Solo outing could've paved the way for a wave of other epic Star Wars Stories... instead of going three years without a big-screen entry.

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