10 Biggest Continuity Errors In Star Trek

Which filming blunders made it through the editing room and into the episodes themselves?

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Keeping continuity on a television show or a movie series quite literally is a full-time job, so many of the entries here come with a wink and a nod, and a lot of understanding. Having said that, each of these entries also manages to stand out like a sore thumb in their various moments - just enough to take the audience out of the scene they're meant to be enjoying.

Sometimes its as simple as props in the wrong location from one moment to the next, which is usually good for a laugh. Sometimes, we see officers and crew in uniforms that are one way in one scene, then entirely different in another. Let us not even speak of the egregious destruction of some beautiful models as well, slipping in between takes.

Perhaps only the Animated Series, Lower Decks, and Prodigy are spared so far - it's harder to have continuity issues on animated shows after all (although the original animated series seriously tested this theory). But all of the live-action series are present, including some of the more beloved movie entries as well. Grab a pen and paper and let's begin.

10. You Broke Your Little Ships - Star Trek: First Contact

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In the scene in Star Trek: First Contact that Lily confronts Picard, there plays out a tense, yet outstanding exchange, that shows the seasoned officer finally losing his cool. Forced into facing the Borg once again, Picard is on the verge of losing the Enterprise-E to the Cybernetic horrors, driving him up and past the point of obsession.

Lily manages to goad him into revealing this, namedropping Captain Ahab from Moby Dick. Quite apart from reminding the audience of Khan in Star Trek II, it jabs Picard to the point where he roars in her face. After she shouts at him to destroy the ship, he flips, swinging his rifle around in an arc and smashing the display case containing the models of the various Enterprises.

As the rifle hits, it shatters the glass, but clearly misses impacting any of them. However, in the very next scene, Lily comments on how he 'broke his little ships', picking up the cracked remains of the Enterprise-D's stardrive section, while the saucer of the Enterprise-C lies broken beyond it. Unless these models are made of spun sugar, there was no reason that such damage should have been done by Picard's outburst.

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