10 Biggest Guilty Pleasure Superhero Movies

You know you've watched these way too many times.

Spider-man 3
Marvel Studios

Guilty pleasure movies - how do they keep drawing us back in for one more viewing? They're clearly bad for us, almost like they're the movie equivalent of eating 99p cheeseburgers.

Guilty pleasures utilise weird outside the box thinking that leave a lasting impression and there's a fine art to it in order to get the desired "What the heck did I just see there?" effect. They need to contain elements of high level originality and creativity as well as laughably bad moments, akin to watching a genius lose their mind. It all helps to create a level of infamy that helps separate the real gems from the bland throwaway likes of Suicide Squad.

Superhero movies are OTT by default, but whilst some are sophisticated five-star outings that raise the bar and have a positive influence on cinema, there are those that definitely do not.

These are some of the best superhero movies you know you shouldn't watch any more, but are so full to the brim with oddities and pleasures that dash it all you're going to anyway - again and again - against your own best interests.

10. Spider-Man 3

Spider-man 3

Audiences were expecting one of the most famous storylines in Spider-Man lore as well as the incredibly popular Venom as the major villain in Spider-Man 3. All they remember now is the unexpected musical number and Toby Maguire's scene stealing emo fringe.

Yes the film's a bit messy with a bloated plot and doesn't do enough with its assets, but it's way more memorable and more charming than the Andrew Garfield outings. Maguire's Parker, at least, struggles with the weight of his choices leaving audiences to worry about what's at stake. His decisions and interactions have major consequences, rather than just being a series of things that happen to move the plot along.

There are some genuinely memorable action sequences too; Spider-Man fighting the Sandman underground is easily as enjoyable as anything in the previous outings, not to mention the big screen debut of Venom in all his terrifying glory. The gooey symbiote isn't on screen as much as it should be, but what's there is always awesome.

One thing is for sure you can't say you were bored by it, unlike some other Spidey movies.


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