10 Biggest Guilty Pleasure Superhero Movies

9. Superman 2 (Original Release)

Spider-man 3
Warner Bros

Just to clarify this isn't the Richard Donner cut but the original theatrical release which is a far more campy and sillier affair than the original movie. It's by no means a bad film - it just trades in all the magic and wonder of the first with shiny, black, boiler suits and silly sight gags.

Certain key plot points don't make sense; Kent rejects his powers, told there's no way of getting them back before promptly getting them back. Superman now has an amnesia inducing kiss and a weird plastic "S" symbol that temporarily traps an enemy for a few seconds. There's also an entire scene with pink shag carpeting.

Despite all those problems though you still get Stamp, Reeves, and Hackman delivering the goods, as you'd expect. There isn't as much character development as in the first movie, as Clark doesn't need to come to terms with who he is or struggle over his fathers' life lessons.

However the main villain's motives and interactions with others are way more intense. The free world's in jeopardy thanks to the tyrannical and despotic nature of Zod taking over. It always feels like there's far more at stake in the sequel.


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