10 Biggest Lies Actors Told To Get Movie Roles

10. Chris Hemsworth Likes To Fib About His Height

Marvel Studios

If it wasn't obvious from the way he towers over the rest of the Avengers, Chris Hemsworth is a rather tall dude. At six feet three inches, the actor's height made him the perfect fit to play Thor, a role that called for someone with his lofty frame.

But, surprisingly, being a pure mountain of muscle does come with certain disadvantages - namely, that Hemsworth is simply considered too tall to take on certain parts.

That's fair enough when you think about it: if you're not the right physical match for a character (and can't morph yourself into shape by gaining or losing weight) you shouldn't be allowed to play that character. However - as he confessed to the Radio Times - that hasn't stopped Hemsworth from lying about his height and saying he's shorter than he really is, in order to improve his chances of being cast:

“There are certainly things I’ve wanted to go up for which I’ve been totally wrong for, physically... and I normally lie about my height [6ft 3in] and say I’m shorter... but it can go two ways. The brief for the audition for Thor said: must be over 6ft 1in, which I’d never seen before!”

The actor doesn't mention any specific films, but no matter the project, it's hard to imagine that he'd be able to get away with saying he's anything less than six feet tall.


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