10 Biggest Movie Controversies Of 2021

9. Republicans Are Mad Lola Bunny Isn't Sexy

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Space Jam: A New Legacy, a 2021 sequel to the original Space Jam released back in 1996, trended on social media all around the world earlier this year because, well, there isn't really a way to sugarcoat this... people were mad that Lola Bunny isn't "sexy" anymore.

Lola's redesign gave her longer, baggier shorts and a full-length vest, (opposed to the short-shorts and tank top she wore in the original film) and altered her body to be somewhat less, for lack of a better word, "thicc".

The resulting uproar following this change was immediate. People were genuinely mad that Lola wasn't as "hot" as she was in the original film, and took to Twitter to complain about cancel culture and how feminism was ruining films. It's important to reiterate this discourse is a result of a cartoon bunny getting a new tank top.

Several conservative pundits and Republican news personalities also complained, such as Jesse Kelly and Scott Greer - the latter of which was quoted saying "First they came for Mr. Potato Head… then they came for Lola Bunny... So what will they go after next?" Truly, only an artform such as cinema could inspire such intellectually charged debates.


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