10 Biggest Movie Set Meltdowns Ever

9. Lawrence Tierney (Reservoir Dogs)

Apocalypse Now Martin Sheen

The last thing you need when shooting your feature-length debut is a proverbial bad apple in the barrel, and that's probably a nice way to describe Lawrence Tierney during the filming of Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece Reservoir Dogs.

The actor, who played mob boss Joe Cabot in the film, was a toxic influence throughout, by all accounts. From scuffling with Michael Madsen to botching his lines in almost every scene, Tierney was every filmmaker's worst nightmare.

It's no wonder Tarantino almost came to blows with the man and their working relationship hit its lowest point when the actor exploded on set. Tierney was complaining about working in hot conditions, and ended up physically shoving Tarantino after the director broke up another scrap between him and a co-star.

Reservoir Dogs' set may have been too toasty for Tierney's liking, but Tarantino had a cool head on his shoulders and merely walked away after the actor set upon him.


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