10 Biggest Movie And TV News This Week (Dec 28)

Hollywood shut down for the holidays this week but there were some interesting tidbits you might have missed...

It's been a bit of a slow news week as far as film and television stories go, thanks to the Christmas holiday. Unlike the last few weeks, which saw a slew of new release dates, trailer debuts, and casting information, you'd be hard pressed to find anything really substantial that happened this week. Mainly, we've learned the release dates for The Raid 2 and FX's The Americans, got our first glimpses at BBC America's Ian Fleming biopic miniseries, a teaser for the second season of Orphan Black, and word about MGM's Magnificent Seven reboot. On the superhero front, we got word about some costume changes for Batman Vs. Superman, but much of the week's news belonged to DC's biggest competitor, Marvel (both at Fox and at home at Marvel Studios). Some unsurprising casting news came with word about an X-Men landing on the cutting room floor, while we got word that The Avengers may be up against more than just Ultron in 2015. So, now that the holidays are over and 2013 is nearing a close, let's sit back and examine the 10 biggest movie and TV news for the week of December 28th...

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