10 Biggest Shocks From The Oscars 2016

The Academy kept things exciting this year.

"Shocks" and "Oscars" don't always necessarily go together. After all, when a film is really dang good, everybody seems to know and agree on it. In the run-up to the Academy Awards, there are a plethora of other ceremonies which can give a strong indication of how well each film will do at the big show come the end of February. It's definitely a surprise then, when an Academy Awards show can come and go with multiple shocks. This year, there were surprises in a lot of major categories, including the biggest one; not to mention the entire show itself was peppered with surprising choices in comedy made by host Chris Rock. Admittedly, he's known for being a little salty, so to be surprised at some of the jokes he was making really means something.

Honourable Mention: Alex And Adam Drew

That's right our very own Adam Blampied and Alex Leadbeater had a little Oscars prediction contest on the go, which surprisingly resulted in a draw! A fairly unlikely event, meaning that both participants are going to have to endure their forfeits. Keep an eye out for the hilarious video when it breaks later on.

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