10 Biggest Star Trek Events We Never Got To See

What are the historical moments that have never made it to the big or small screen in Star Trek?

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While there are certainly many space battles in Star Trek, there is already a list breaking those ones down. This list is primarily concerned with the biggest events that have been talked about but never actually shown, yet not simply the ones full of phasers and torpedos. This may even feature some treaty negotiations and blockades, ala The Phantom Menace!

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There are huge moments throughout Star Trek's history that, for one reason or another, have only been discussed in hindsight and never actually depicted. This, in a way, isn't the worst thing - it leaves many doors open for future episodes and series to explore these ideas. Joking aside, there is something fascinating about imagining the warring empires of the Klingons and the Romulans sitting down at the table with the Federation, giving the audience more than the few moments caught in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

There are also the quieter moments, character-driven, that have never had a chance to truly shine. Positive or negative, there are many parts of Star Trek that have been swept under the rug. Now's the time to dig them out.

10. The Romulan Cessation From Vulcan

Enterprise de-comissioned

What would eventually become the Romulan Star Empire broke away from the rest of the Vulcan race in around 370 AD. This was during the Time of Awakening, when Surak was beginning to lead the Vulcan people, who had until then been a savage, warlike race, into a new era of logic and wisdom.

Not all Vulcans were on-board with this idea, which led to atomic war. While this part of the breakaway was shown in Star Trek: Enterprise, specifically during The Forge trilogy, the rest of the formation of the Romulan state remains shrouded in mystery. It is known that a sect of them broke even further away, becoming the Debrune, who had become extinct by the 24th century.

As Admiral Dougherty comments in Star Trek: Insurrection, when the Romulans first went out into the galaxy, they were little more than thugs. However, before the supernova that destroyed much of the Romulan Empire in the late 24th century, they were a vastly powerful force to be reckoned with in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

They have yet to receive the exploration that even the Klingons have, but a good place to start would be their landing on what would become Romulus.

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