10 Biggest Unsolved Harry Potter Mysteries

9. What Happened To Harry's Family

The Mirror Of Erised Harry Potter
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Harry Potter is cursed to spend his formative years with the Dursleys because they're his only living relatives, and that makes for a great narrative, but it's also a little hard to believe.

Wizarding families are known for being quite large and often connected to others, and yet Harry has no other relatives apart from Petunia, Vernon, and Dudley?

Rowling has explained that she had to get his grandparents out of the way so he could live with the Dursleys - James was an only child, and his parents were old when they had him; Lily's only sibling was Petunia, and their parents are also dead - but what about his wider family? Surely there should be someone - a cousin, a twice-removed uncle, the black sheep no one talks about - out there, rather than the Potters being completely wiped from existence.

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