10 Bizarre Favourite Films Of Great Directors

Even the all-time greats can like Smokey And The Bandit.

Stanley Kubrick White Men Cant Jump Everyone's taste in movies varies. What for some is great art, for others is trash with zero artistic merit. Not that everybody applies such critical thinking to their evaluation of cinema - for some people out there, White Chicks is just as enjoyable as Jurassic Park. While cinema-goers tend to be unpredictable that way, professional filmmakers on the other hand, tend to stick to a much more predictable formula. For the most part, for instance, most every director worth their salt throws a Vertigo or a Citizen Kane into their top ten list. These are people for whom film is not just a job, but a well-studied passion, and though the style of each and every filmmaker varies, you'll often find common ground in the same highly-regarded classic movies repeated across the directors' lists of favourites. All filmmakers, especially the great ones, are individuals with their own unique tastes, however, and every filmmaker's top ten tends to include at least one obscure choice with personal resonance for the director in question. These can be oddball choices for the fact that the selection doesn't fit in with peoples' perceptions of that filmmaker, or simply because critically the film isn't considered to be any good. The great directors are prone to bizarre choices of favourite films as much as anyone. Here are ten of the most unexpected examples.

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