10 Bizarre Movie Moments You Just Accepted

Pete Mitchell shouldn't have made it out of his first flight in Top Gun: Maverick.

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A great film can take you on such a thrilling, shocking, or moving ride, even some of the most perplexing or strange on-screen occurrences can pass you by during a first watch.

Often you're just too busy getting lost in spectacular high speed chases, unbelievable stunts being achieved by some of Hollywood's most fearless stars, or the glorious drama unfolding in front of you to spot those tiny details that actually make the entire situation feel a little, well, bizarre.

However, this list is here to finally shine a light on said happily accepted movie moments that have always been rather odd, unusual, or straight-up ridiculous.

Admittedly, had some of the following peculiar occurrences not gone down in the films they belong to, said stories may have been a whole lot shorter or gone in a completely different direction altogether.

In some cases, though, there were no real excuses for certain weird character decisions and puzzling choices of costume.

So, get ready to never look at the following iconic figures, gripping action sequences, and powerful moments of passion the same way ever again, because it's time to put a number of mystifying big-screen events that you probably never even clocked under the microscope.

10. Maverick Somehow Survived Ejecting At Mach 10.5 - Top Gun: Maverick

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Early on in the eventual smash hit that was Top Gun: Maverick, the titular fighter pilot dramatically hits Mach 10 whilst flying a hypersonic plane.

Not happy with moving at that ridiculous speed, though, Pete Mitchell opts to push the jet even more before eventually ejecting from the aircraft at Mach 10.5 like a mad man.

And while the subsequent moment the dusty legend wandered into a diner after surviving the destruction of the Darkstar was comical enough, this was something famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson found to be quite unrealistic.

According to Tyson's tweets on the matter (via IndieWire), when Maverick ejected from the vehicle at Mach 10.5, he'd have been travelling at 7,000 mph. And that would give him 400 million joules of kinetic energy; the same explosive power of 100 kg of TNT.

The human body isn't designed to survive that kind of force. So, as Tyson put it, "Maverick does not walk away from this. He be dead. Very dead."

Had this bizarre survival not taken place, however, the 2022 box office sensation would've crash landed within the opening few minutes. Also, the majority of film fans were too gripped by Maverick's defiant need for speed in this opening stretch to question whether he'd actually make it out of that rapid moment alive in real-life.

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