10 Blatant Fan Service Movie Moments

8. Drums In The Deep - Aquaman)

Avengers 2012 group
Warner Bros.

Aquaman was a riduclous movie filled with the silliest things and none of them were sillier than the Octopus drummer in the water. As Patrick Owlman and Khal Drogo rose to fight each other, this octopus just lets loose on these drums. Just gets oh so silly with it.

And it is this scene which makes Aquaman the best in the entire DCEU. Because unlike Man of Steel with its scowling Superman, or even Wonder Woman which treats the character dead serious, Aquaman is allowed to loosen up and have fun. It can acknowledge its ridiculous comic roots, with an extremely out-of-nowhere musical octopus.

This film has Aquaman fighting a Lovecraftian God, wielding a trident, and fighting Black Manta. All of that is rad, but none of it matches the beautiful fan service of an octopus going all John Bonham on you.


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