10 Bleakest Endings In Horror Movies

9. Pet Sematary

Shivers Lynn Lowry
Paramount Pictures

Louis Creed and his family move from the city to their new home out in the sticks. There's nobody around for miles except their new neighbour, the kindly Judd Crandall, and the semi-trucks which hurtle down the long stretch of road outside their home.

When the family cat is killed by one of these trucks, Judd shows Louis to the “Pet Sematary” located in the woods behind their house. A mystical and powerful place that has the power to bring anything buried in it back to life.

Later, the Creed’s son Gage is killed on the same road and, wracked with grief, Louis decides to bury him in the Pet Sematary. Despite the fact that the cat came back bad and Judd repeatedly warning Creed that humans come back worse, Louis is driven against reason by the loss of his only son.

Much like the novel on which it is based, the true horror of Pet Sematary is that it shows the way in which a normally sensible human being can become quickly detached from reason when a love one is at stake. This is further compacted by a depressing ending in which Creed fails to learn from his mistakes and buries his wife in the Sematary too, convincing himself that it’ll be different this time. (It isn’t.)

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