10 Box Office Flops Much Better Than Their Reputations

10. EuroTrip

Eurotrip 2014.jpg

Budget: $25 million

Worldwide Gross: $20.8 million

EuroTrip is not what you'd call a smart comedy. It's also not an original movie by any means, nor is it a wholly subversive or clever movie. It's not star-studded (unless you count the cameos by Matt Damon, Vinnie Jones, and Fred Armisen). And it's not a critical darling or even a cult classic.

What EuroTrip is, though, is charming, endlessly quotable, and - yes, dammit - funny. Now, maybe that doesn't sound like high enough praise to include in a list like this, but when you sit down to watch a teen comedy, that's literally all you should be expecting.

Instead, it seems critics wanted this to be the next Blazing Saddles or Raising Arizona, deeming it a waste of time just because it didn't completely revolutionise the genre. And audiences, who were likely apprehensive about seeing a movie that was marketed like a National Lampoon's throwaway raunch-fest, never gave it a chance.

A lot of people might be tempted to attach the "guilty pleasure" label to EuroTrip, though that would be insulting to such a genuinely hilarious movie. If you can't enjoy a scene where a couple of teenagers trick themselves into having a pot brownie freakout (complete with anxious stripping and the main character revealing that he watched a gay porno once but didn't realise it until halfway through because "The girls never came!") only to discover that the Rastafarian baked goods are totally weed-less... then yeah, maybe this isn't the comedy you deserve.


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