10 Brilliant Characters Trapped In Terrible Movies

9. Angelique Bouchard - Dark Shadows (2012)

Gangster Squad Robert Patrick
Warner Bros.

Eva Green's career is an odd one, because while she's incredibly talented and often steals the show whenever she's around, she also has a habit of turning up in terrible movies not worthy of her talents.

This has never been more true than with Dark Shadows, Tim Burton's laziest and most unforgivably poor movie to date, which follows vampire Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) as he attempts to protect his descendants from his murky past.

With cheesy humour, non-existent character development and a convoluted plot which never gets to grips with itself, Dark Shadows is a tough film to get through simply because it's so frustratingly disappointing.

That being said, Eva Green's excellently hammy turn as antagonistic witch Angie Bouchard is one of the actress's best roles, an over-the-top and deliriously funny villain who skates on the edge of parody but nonetheless ends up the most well-drawn and compelling character in the film. It's just really disheartening that the movie itself wasn't willing to reach her level.


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