10 Brilliant Characters Trapped In Terrible Movies

8. Hannibal King - Blade: Trinity (2004)

Gangster Squad Robert Patrick
New Line Cinema

Whilst the first two Blade movies were great little action flicks that proved you didn't have to be Batman to make a solid superhero film, Blade: Trinity left a sour taste in the mouths of moviegoers everywhere, bombing critically worldwide.

Thanks to its infamous production troubles - supposedly caused by Wesley Snipes, who has long denied any accusations of behind-the-scenes antics - as well as the derivative script, Trinity watches like a cheap fan film with shoddy special effects and cliched villains at every turn.

Once you get passed Snipes' uninterested performance and the poor plot, though, there is a lot to be enjoyed in Ryan Reynolds' turn as former vampire Hannibal King, a fast-talking, uber-confident hunter who steals the entire movie from everyone around him.

Bringing in his typical charm and comedic style to the role, Reynolds is on top form throughout, and even manages to distract from the awful film he's trapped in.


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