10 Brilliant Characters Trapped In Terrible Movies

7. Bertha - RoboCop 3 (1993)

Gangster Squad Robert Patrick
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To say that RoboCop 3 is a bad movie would be a massive understatement, especially when you compare it to the first film in the franchise, which at least has the common courtesy to realise how ridiculous it is.

The issues with the film are endless, but the most glaring flaws lie with the re-casting of original RoboCop actor Peter Weller, the toned-down age rating and generic action scenes, the silly villains, and the fact that RoboCop himself has very little to do.

The film was such a failure that series co-writer Frank Miller left Hollywood until 2005, when he made Sin City alongside Robert Rodriguez, though it would be unfair to classify it as a total failure simply because it gave fans C.C.H Pounder's badass freedom fighter Bertha.

Whenever Bertha was on-screen, there were hints of a great story coming to life, thanks in equal measure to Pounder's commanding performance and the themes of oppression and corruption she brings to the table. Unfortunately, Bertha didn't last, and the film suffered without her until its dreadful finale.

The fact that there's currently a new RoboCop film in production is...worrying.


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