10 Brilliant Moments In Terrible Recent Films

That awful final X-Men movie actually did something right!


Though we are undoubtedly living in a fantastic time for cinema - with blockbuster projects delivering yearly and high-calibre Oscar contenders now dropping on Netflix - not every movie sticks the landing when it comes to its overall quality.

Whether its down to a severe lack of clear direction, franchise fatigue or just a painfully bad idea, many of us have been forced to sit through our fair share of high profile duds in the last couple of years.

However, even in the most rotten of features a slice of cinematic gold can often be found.

Sure, these pictures won't be popping up in many 'greatest films of the decade' lists, but not every scene made you feel like clawing out your eyes and shoving your head into a popcorn box. Some were actually pretty darn good and were just unfortunate to be surrounded by two hours of mind-numbing crap.

Heart-stopping train rides, the epic arrivals of legendary characters and genetically altered dino-monsters all invaded some of the worst films in recent memory and its about time these stellar moments got the praise and respect they undoubtedly deserve.

Never forget; Hellboy rode a f*cking dragon in 2019.

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