10 Brilliant Moments In Terrible Recent Films

10. Hellboy Rides A Dragon - Hellboy

After just over a decade of waiting, Hellboy fans finally got their wish in 2019...sort of.

The big red badass would now be able to let rip like only he knew how in a full blown rated 'R' feature. Yet, despite the increase in violent gore and bad language, this reboot suffered from some disastrously bad CGI effects and a seriously weak plot.

However, David Harbour's performance as Anung Un Rama was widely celebrated and - as you'd expect - he was at the centre of undoubtedly the greatest moment in this blazing ball of badness.

Moments after Merlin informs Hellboy that he is in fact the 'Destroyer of All Things', the half-human/half-demon takes hold of the legendary sword Excalibur. Hellboy then sees exactly what he is capable of in a vision.

Riding a god damn demon dragon and wielding a blazing Excalibur, a fully horned Hellboy is shown massacring the human race and, well, destroying all things.

Though the rest of this demonic-dud didn't live up to the awesome Guillermo Del Toro features which came before it, it's hard not to salute the sight of everyone's favourite foul-mouthed paranormal investigator embracing his hellish roots on the big screen.

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