10 Brutal Movie Torture Scenes That Made Our Toes Curl

7. Castration €“ Hard Candy

Hard Candy marked David Slade€™s successful transition from directing music videos to helming feature length films. Featuring an incredible turn from Ellen Page, Hard Candy was an incredibly smart take on the slasher film that subverted all of the usual genre trappings. The film focuses on the interrogation and torture of a suspected paedophile by a 14-year-old girl. The girl, Hayley Stark (Ellen Page), is seeking evidence of her victim€™s nefarious acts and resorts to threats of castration in order to extract the truth from him. Slade puts his audience through an incredibly tense and drawn-out castration procedure, maintaining some semblance of sympathy by ensuring that the audience is still unsure of how guilty the man, Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson), is. Regardless, the prospect of watching a 14-year-old girl castrate a grown man who only has a bag of ice for anaesthetic is a daunting one indeed.
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