10 Brutal Movies With The Biggest Body Counts

Let the bodies hit the floor.

Warner Bros.

Movies can stir up many emotions in a viewer - joy, sadness, or perhaps even a feeling of emptiness. Occasionally, a film might somehow manage all three.

Sometimes, though, we just fancy some unapologetic bloodshed, brutality, and a high body count to tide us over. Fortunately, there are many films that cater to that, while also managing to engage with us on a visceral level.

Epic war films, for example, can portray how despicable war is by also unflinchingly depicting its inevitable outcome in the most upfront - and yes, bloody - way possible.

And whilst some films on this list absolutely do attach a message to the violence they offer, in other cases there's no such disclaimer: all the filmmaker wanted to do was offer up sheer, shameless carnage.

These 10 films racked up some of the most impressively sustained body counts in cinema history, awash in goopy gore as they were.

And because we're committed to the "brutal" part of the title, don't expect to see PG-13 fantasy fare like The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars on this list, no matter some of their sky-high death tolls.

It goes without saying that graphic descriptions of relentless violence are to follow, so this is your content warning...


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