10 Burning Questions Upcoming Movies MUST Answer

How the hell is Quaritch back in Avatar: The Way of Water?

Avatar The Way of Water

Perhaps the single most enjoyable thing about massive blockbuster movies - beyond the movies themselves, of course - is the many months, even years, that fans spend obsessively theorising about their stories and characters.

Poring over every casting announcement, plot synopsis, official image, and trailer, they'll build their anticipation to fever pitch all while considering those big, lingering questions that remain unanswered.

These 10 huge upcoming movies, each of them either a sequel, prequel, or spin-off, have fans desperate to know the answer to one nagging question above all others, as has been teased by either prior movies or the marketing for the new film itself.

Needless to say, if these questions remain unanswered by the end of these movies - as they almost certainly won't - fans won't be too happy at all.

Despite many of these films being due to release within mere months, we still know shockingly little about most of them, which is both refreshing and makes the guessing game that much more fun.

From the fates of certain characters to others' enigmatic origin stories, these burning questions must be answered by these films...

10. Is Jane Foster A Variant? - Thor: Love & Thunder

Avatar The Way of Water

The Question

The gonzo first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder gave fans their first look at the returning Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), now rocking a swole body while decked out in full Thor regalia.

We know that Jane will be playing Mighty Thor in the movie, but is this actually the original "Earth-616" Jane Foster, or a multiversal variant?

The Likely Answer

Well, the MCU has certainly jumped into the multiverse with both feet as of late, so it'd make sense that this considerably more muscular demi-God version of Jane is a variant.

But then again, considering that Jane can be seen wielding a reconstructed version of the original Thor's (Chris Hemsworth) shattered Mjolnir, that may seem to suggest that this is indeed the Jane we know.

Given that the film will almost definitely revisit Thor and Jane's prior romantic history, it'd absolutely make sense for her to be the same Jane, yet at the same time the multiverse is so damn hot right now that the story may go there instead.

It's probably "our" Jane, but don't be shocked if it isn't.

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