10 Casting Decisions Fanboys Rallied Against (And Were Right About)

Constantine As we move ever closer to Batman vs. Superman, a motion picture that the world has decided to take deadly seriously despite the fact that it's probably not worth getting all that worked up about, people continue to tell other people their opinions on this whole Ben Affleck casting thing, with "what were they thinking?" somewhere close to the top. And yet everyone seems to have forgotten that we haven't glimpsed a single frame of Ben Affleck pretending to be Bruce Wayne. Fanboys rage on, of course, because that's what fanboys do - that "petition" has almost reached 100,000 signatures. But wouldn't it be more logical to just wait until the movie comes out before we start condemning the decision to cast somebody? Does that seem - I don't know - more fair? Maybe, maybe not. Last week I wrote an article about movie castings that fanboys initially went crazy over (in a bad way), only to change their minds when they saw the actors in character. Embarrassing. But, you know, it's all well and good to cite examples of that kind in order to generate support for Ben Affleck, but sometimes - and I hate to say it - the fanboys are right. Sometimes a rage-fueled rant clings to some actual logic. I'm not claiming that anybody should rally against a casting decision without seeing it first, because that's nuts. But while we're talking about fanboy-based casting fits, it seems only fair to go back and look at some of the times they were right on the money. As with the case with the 10 actors I've assembled here, in fact...

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