10 Casting Decisions Fanboys Rallied Against (And Were Right About)

10. Topher Grace - Venom - Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 When it was announced that Topher Grace of That '70s Show fame had been cast as Venom in the third Spider-Man movie, Marvel fans stood around looking shocked for weeks. Topher Grace? Playing Venom? Arguably Spidey's greatest ever nemesis? You gotta be kidding, right? There were some who tried to play devil's advocate, of course, saying things like: "Give him a chance," and "let's see what Eric can do." Alas, this really did prove itself to be a cast of uninspired proportions - in this case, the fanboys saw it coming a mile off. As Venom (or Eddie Brock, as he's known in non-costumed form), Grace failed to bring pretty much anything to the character. at all. He's not cool enough, or badass or enough, or genuinely anything enough. It probably didn't help, either, that Venom was shoe-horned into the movie unnecessarily, one which was already overflowing with characters and plot points. But there's no sense of threat or villainy inherent to Grace's performance - he's about as bland a Venom as fanboys feared he would be. Even worse, perhaps.

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